Cars Under 1000 Bucks

Some Famous Top Car Prizes and Trying the Same Luck in Casinos

Cars are valuable investments, which is why they make the perfect prizes. A good number of jackpots have vehicles as their top wins. Of course, it takes dedication, persistence and sometimes, money to even get into a draw. Over the years, some famous competitions, game shows and promotions have given out cars to worthy participants, and these include:

Aston Martin – Price is Right

The popular game show has a Dream Car Week where contestants can win luxury vehicles from top brands like Mercedes, BMW and Maserati. In February 2016, one participant, a wedding photographer, walked away with an Aston Martin V8 Vantage priced at over $120,000.

Aston Martin – Best of the Best

The competition is a ticket lottery where participants play the odds of winning in ‘spot-the-ball’ contest. Winners get luxury cars like Range Rovers, Jaguars and Porsches. The cars are featured at the Heathrow Airport, and the people passing by can ‘Win Your Dream Car’. In 2016, Chris Hutchings won the Aston Martin Vantage.

Range Rover Sport – Best of the Best

Rikki Tronson was another winner of the BOTB competition where participants have to locate a missing ball. 150 luxury cars are usually up for grabs, and you buy a ticket depending on the specific vehicle that you are playing for. Tronson won a Range Rover Sport in 2014 although he was playing for a Jaguar F-Type.

Winning Jackpots

The stakes of winning cars in competitions are usually high, and most people walk away disappointed. However, car giveaways are not the only big prizes you can try your luck on. Online casinos have some of the largest prize pots with very flexible requirements for players. Most of the time, you must participate in your favourite game. The trick to improving your chances is finding games with the best odds. Casino Searcher makes that easy by giving players how-to guides on finding table games and other gambling options. If you are lucky, you can locate a casino that does give away cars in its promotions.