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Setting Your Own Car Repair Shop

Car repair shops offer a range of services within the automobile maintenance and repair realm – right from basic oil changes to transmission overhauls. Demand for auto repair shops has been on the rise across the globe as the number of cars on road have been constantly on the rise, and there have never been equivalent number of repair shops to handle the volume. Auto repair play a critical role as repair work can easily postpone a new auto purchase.

Building one’s own shop from scratch means ensuring all the facilities needed to perform the services are systematically in place.

Steps to Entrepreneurship

Once decided, efforts must be channelized towards setting up the shop, making sure all the prerequisites are taken care of. First of all, the total required start-up expenses must be estimated to determine the essentials for getting the car shop off the ground. Building from scratch, a range of construction costs for the garage are to be considered, like contractors’ fees, mortgage closing costs and possible property tax liens.

Next is registering the business in the state. It is advisable to set up a limited liability company (LLC) firm as a large amount of debt upfront is almost mandatory – the LLC badge serves to shield one’s personal properties, in the event of default.

Further, a space for the shop must be secured and a garage facility built, preferably in a busy and easily accessible location, to attract nearby drivers’ attention. Also, locating the shop in near vicinity of highly populated residential zones is quite favourable. The garage should be well stocked with air compressors, car lifts, pneumatic lines and other equipment, along with a wide range of hand tools required to perform car repair services.

Second-hand equipment should be preferred whenever feasible, to reduce overall capital equipment costs. Safety should always be a priority and not be compromised for a good bargain. Finally, any state-mandated permits and business licenses must be obtained, but only after thoroughly inquiring the local business permit requirements. Once the due diligence part is taken care of, the next step is registration that entails a simple application form and a minimal fee.

Vehicle Movers – A Must for Car Repair Shop

In a car repair shop, the most essential tools are car lifts and car movers. And when talking about movers, a name that stands out is Stringo. An indispensable tool for moving cars easily, safely and efficiently, specifically designed Stringo vehicle movers perform the most tedious jobs in the an extremely uncomplicated and effortless manner. Stringo offers equipment for moving vehicles up to 5000 kg.