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How to Make Your Used Car Look Better

To paraphrase the Travelin’ Wilbury’s “You don’t have to be ashamed of every car you drive”. Not if you follow the tips below on how to make your used car look better, that is.

New Wheel Trims

Wheel trims do a great job of protecting the wheels but they are vulnerable to being scratched and damaged when you park. Replacements are cheap and easy to fit, and the difference they make to a car’s appearance has to be seen to be believed. Don’t forget to secure them with plastic ties otherwise they might fly off when going over severe bumps.

Tyre Dressing

New wheel trims will give a smart look to the wheels but there is another simple job you can do in that area to give that “new-car look”; give the tyre walls a good clean and then treat them with a proprietary tyre dressing. These products are applied to the tyre walls, never to the tread area, and, when dry, give the tyres a handsome sheen.

Wash and Shine

If your car’s paintwork is looking a bit faded, then it’s time to get out the car polish.

First step is to wash the car thoroughly and dry it with a chamois leather. If the paintwork is in reasonable condition, then you can go ahead and apply a good car polish. Older paintwork might well have faded as a result of constant exposure to sunlight and the weather. The answer here is to go over the car’s bodywork with a mildly abrasive “cutting” compound. This will remove the oxidised top layer and, possibly, any fine scratches that might be spoiling the appearance. Once this has been done the surface should be protected with polish.

New Car Mats

Nothing drags down the looks of a car’s interior than a set of old, worn and smelly mats. A new set won’t cost much and will brighten up the interior no end.

Interior Trim

Most of the interior trim is made of a vinyl type of material and it can soon look drab if it is not cleaned regularly. The new look can be restored easily with a quick once over with a vinyl cleaner made especially for the job.


Finally, don’t forget the windows, inside and out. Clean glass will give an extra sparkle to the car’s looks as well as providing a clearer view out for the driver and passengers.

So there you have it. Follow these simple hints and you won’t have to be ashamed of the way your old car looks.