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How to Decorate Your Car Club to Make it Shine

Decorating your car club can seem overwhelming considering all the different options you have. Your car club should reflect your team’s values and become a statement of what the team stands for.

Sizing it Up

First, you should accurately measure the dimensions of your club’s location so you can make the right choices when you set out to buy the necessary furniture. If you clutter up the space, none of your teammates will ever want to spend time at the club. They’ll feel that it’s crowded and uncomfortable. So, get your measuring tools ready and begin sizing the room up. Note down all the dimension on your smartphone or laptop so you have them available when you choose the furniture.

Choosing the Furniture

The furniture you choose should have a minimalistic style to leave room for entertainment gadgets and systems. You can buy a couch, several ottomans, a table and maybe a bar if you can fit it in. A car club should be a place where you and your friends can spend quality time together, sharing stories about various car races and other events you’ve participated in.


Now, when it comes to entertainment you can’t go wrong with setting up a casino-type area of your club. The best approach is to buy a Roulette table because not only is it the most dynamic and thrilling table game, but it can easily be enjoyed by multiple players. You can either buy a Roulette table or make one yourself.

Consider installing a fully integrated entertainment package including music and video streaming systems so you can enjoy watching auto racing or relax after an adrenaline-pumping race you’ve just finished by listening to soothing music.

Interior Decorations

You can put up various car related decorations such as any awards your team has won or pictures of your favourite racers for inspiration. If your team has won any trophies, you can showcase them on a glass table.

Wrapping It Up

Decorating your car club involves strategy and organization. You should just follow the basic rules and focus on reflecting your team’s profile throughout the entire design of the club. When you’re done, invite your team over to enjoy an amazing game of Roulette.